As Sheriff, Wes will be committed to showing the citizens of McCracken County that he will hold the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office to an even higher standard of policing. One way of accomplishing this is through accreditation. Accredited departments benefit from the use of consistent and proven procedures, clearly outlined policies, and efficient practices. In addition, accreditation serves to create confidence among our residents that the McCracken County Sheriff's Office recognizes the importance of establishing and maintaining as high a degree of effectiveness and professionalism as possible.


  • Provides a means of independent evaluation of agency operations.

  • Provides a basis to correct potential deficiencies in the agency’s operations before they become problems.

  • Requires that agencies commit policies and procedures to writing.

  • Provides a norm for an agency to judge its own performance.

  • Reduces liability insurance costs, therefore saving taxpayer money.

  • Promotes accountability among agency personnel and the evenhanded application of policies.

  • Enhances the reputation of the agency, thereby helping to attract the most qualified candidates for employment.

  • Minimizes an agency’s exposure to liability, reducing vicarious liability suits.

  • Greatly reduces potential lawsuits and citizen complaints.

  • Increases the community’s confidence in the McCracken County Sheriff's Office.

  • Recognizes the McCracken County Sheriff's Office for meeting standards of excellence.


     The illicit use of Fentanyl and Methamphetamine, remains one of the most critical issues facing McCracken County. Local doctors have also noticed an increase in patients testing positive for Heroin and Cocaine usage. In McCracken County, we need to focus on more than just the "bust" and the media release that ultimately follows. The problem doesn't simply end by being placed into handcuffs. Under Wes’ leadership, the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office will work with our local agencies, leaders, hospitals, health care professionals, citizen's, inmate facilities and rehabilitation centers, to form an alliance, and develop a plan of action that promotes the absolute best outcome for those that have fallen into the trap of substance abuse. One that is resilient and realizes that not all people can recover in the same manner.

     Our community has been plagued with the dealing, and exportation of drugs. Regardless of your political views, it has been proven that our border has a direct affect on our area, and many other areas throughout Kentucky. With Interstate 24 being a major thoroughfare, the current expectation is that it will only increase.


     "When I was hired by Paducah Police, many told me that the main areas known for drugs, and murders, were here before I was born and they will be here long after I'm dead". -Wes Orazine

Wes took that as a challenge. One that he was willing to accept. 

     During his time with the Drug Unit's Street Level Narcotics Team and the Directed Patrol Unit, they were relentless in their efforts to eliminate the threat specific areas imposed on our community. As a result, Part I crimes (Murder, Assault, Rape, Robbery, etc.) were at their lowest in 15 years. The murder rate dropped from having 17 between the years of 2000 and 2004 to 0 in 2005, and Illicit drugs became difficult to obtain. If elected, Wes will bring that same level of relentlessness to drug traffickers that choose to infiltrate our county and poison our families. By choosing to elect Wes as your Sheriff, you will be sending the message to drug dealers, traffickers and manufacturers that McCracken County cannot and will not tolerate their presence in our community. Wes does not want to just manage the drug problem in our community, he wants it gone.


     Local Law Enforcement is frequently called to assist with mental health related issues within McCracken County. This experience can sometimes be less than favorable for someone in distress. This is largely due to an individual's time spent in custody (When cited for involuntary assessment due to being a danger to self or others) and/or a lack of timely resources. Wes will adopt firm policies and procedures that strictly limit the amount of exposure to Law Enforcement and put forth clear guidelines to ensure they are followed. He will meet with local and state lawmakers to petition for change in current laws that can directly affect the delay in treatment for those in distress. Wes will also require that all of his staff be up to date with Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) and continually seek additional training from emerging resources, as they become available. Due to is experience Wes recognizes that the combination of Crisis Intervention Training (CIT), support from local affiliates and other available resources have proven to significantly reduce injury to individuals in crisis, the responding Deputies / Officers and citizens. It is paramount that the McCracken County Sheriff's Department stay on top of emerging issues, can more accurately assess individuals in distress and be able to better handle these types of calls.


     Wes has had the opportunity to work for both large and small agencies.  One of the benefits of coming from an agency like the Paducah Police Department, is that they put a high emphasis on training, education and the personal development of their staff.

     Constant and consistent training is paramount to an agency's effectiveness. In-House instructors, specialists and supervisors should work together to create a training environment that is conducive to the individual and collective needs of the deputies, as well as the needs of the community they serve. If elected, Wes will increase the level, quality and frequency of training provided to the department. Often times, neither the employee nor their direct line supervisor has any input on the required 40-hour courses that they attend. Wes will ensure that department works together, to assist individual employees, to attend training that is in line with their career goals and meets the needs of the department/community. Wes will also ensure the department is working together with our surrounding agencies to accomplish this goal. "We don't have the time needed, money, resources, etc." is not a viable excuse and does not help to prevent litigation. Wes knows that training, conducive to the individual and collective needs of Law Enforcement, has shown to reduce stress during critical incidents, allowing Law Enforcement to better focus on the totality of the circumstances and achieve the best possible outcome.  Our community deserves the best. Under his leadership, and experience, Wes will ensure that they will get the absolute best that there is to offer.


     Community engagement is key to providing confidence in the department's abilities, a sense of ownership in its service and an overall sense of pride for its department. With an ever-growing trend of crimes involving our own Churches, homes and personal property, many residents are left feeling violated, stressed, fearful and confused as to why. Wes’ goal is to provide a network within our community that makes it next to impossible for a criminal element, of any kind, to operate. If you elect Wes as your Sheriff, he pledges to:

  • Never attempt to hide, purposely omit or mislead the public.

  • Provide ethical, common-sense policing to our community. One that uses compassion as one of its core values.

  • Ensure that the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office provides the highest level of proactive policing, unlike our county has ever seen, to combat emerging crime trends.

  • Reduce response times to calls.

  • Update technology to better identify and deter crime trends.

  • Dedicate a Deputy to take on a Community Liaison position within the department. One that (in conjunction with the community) will be dedicated to providing a series of community engagements, designed to maximize our outreach and provide awareness, as well as provide intel on growing trends within affected areas of our community.

  • Work closely with our Board of Education, Teachers and schools' Resource Officers to provide preventative measures to help combat peer pressure, influence positive environments conducive to learning and provide educational awareness such as a Junior Citizens' Police Academy, D.A.R.E., etc. 


     Wes is a graduate of Heath High School. His wife is a graduate of Reidland High School. Their children are graduates of McCracken County High school. Wes knows the level of care for our students, that comes from our educators, and he will do everything he can to assist them in that area. Our children are our future. We must invest our time to allow for our youth to better understand the role, Law Enforcement has within the community and work together to help reduce distraction from their positive futures.


To the Employees of the McCracken County Sheriff's Department

       Wes is committed to do everything he can to ensure that you succeed, in all levels of your career. 

If elected, he will:

  • Focus on employee retention.

  • Fight for all of you on matters that concern you and your family. Not just some now and others later.

       Everyone, equally.

  • Ensure that you receive proper compensation for your job title and description. You will not be put in a position that demands great responsibility and all of the liability that position holds, without being properly recognized, trained and compensated for being in that position. 

  • Always make decisions with legal and constitutional backing that are fair, reasonable and equal in outcomes for all.

  • Promote based on merit and experience through interviews, testing and promotion boards.

  • Require that you receive the most positive, effective, consistent and current training available.

  • Provide a leadership team that is present, highly knowledgeable, focuses on individual career goals and assists you with your desired career paths. 

  • Ensure that you are provided with the most current and necessary equipment to effectively and safely do your jobs.

  • Streamline resources to provide faster results. This is to include software and equipment that has been proven to provide better, faster and more focused services to our community. In turn, it allows Deputies to greatly reduce their time spent on research, communication and report writing and provides a more time efficient work environment. 

     "There is so much more that can and should be done. If you elect me as your next Sheriff, I pledge that our agency will not only stand out within the community but help lead the way for others. My family and I cannot thank you enough for all of the support we have received and I look forward to the opportunity of being your next Sheriff". -Wes Orazine